Sunday, October 4, 2009

Say it with me now "Busy, busy, busy"

And that is what I have been.
My finger healed up just fine. Still have no idea what I did to it. UGH! Happens to me all the time though.
I made my oldest daughter 5 sets of PJs for this Winter (long sleeved tops and long pants) that she just LOVES. They are styled similar to 'longies', just knit tops and knit pants. (I really should take pictures of this stuff when I make it ROFL)
I thought today I would go through my studio transformation (I did take pictures of that process. It was amazing! You'll see :D ) Although, that will take some time to set up so I am thinking that it will likely happen after the girls go to bed for the night.
I have been really busy with making cards and sewing and taking care of the house (my LEAST favorite thing to do EVER!!) I just don't get much time to blog about it :D
Well, I double promise to post the Studio Transformation Extravaganza later on today :D Well, I almost double promise....I swear, I'll try....

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