Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 32 ~ ATC 365 ~ 32 down, 333 to go :D

Ahhh...what would a week be w/out a card created in my absolute favorite style ever?

Sad, that's what.

Anyway, here's more cussing and more black paint.  2 of my favorite things to create with.  :D
Ahhhhh.....BLISS!   ;)

Day 31 ~ ATC 365 ~ 31 down, 334 to go :D

Another cupcake!  'Cuz I was literally jonesin' to make one.  I LOVE cupcakes!  They are just so damn cute.  This one was made during my massive 'Use of Thick Ass Acrylic' fest.  It took FOREVER to dry, but the texture of this thing is just AMAZING.
It's tactile and it's beautiful.  :D

Day 30 ~ ATC 365 ~ 30 down, 335 to go :D

OMG, has it actually been 30 days!?!?!?!  I can't believe that it has been this long.  This is the last of my practice backgrounds.  And I have learned that, while I like the technique for other things, the whole 'face' thing just isn't something I'm good at.  Not in the realistic sense anyway.

Somehow, I am pretty sure that I am okay with that.

Day 29 ~ ATC 365 ~ 29 down, 336 to go :D

I had a couple of these watercolor 'blob' technique backgrounds left from my 'practice disaster' laying around.  So I decided that I would go ahead and use them for project cards since they weren't doing anything else. 
This guy appears to have taken one too many bong hits for the day.  ROFLMAO  Obviously, this is soooooo not my forte.

Day 28 ~ ATC 365 ~ 28 down, 337 to go :D

I had an 'acrylic' kinda day  :D  I just wanted to mix thick paints together and play.  So I did.  This is the last heart for the themed week.
I love the red, black, and white of this one.  They are such simple colors that just 'pop' when you use them together (which I do all the time  :D)

Day 27 ~ ATC 365 ~ 27 down, 338 to go :D

This card was one that I actually had to remake after I royally screwed up the first one and filed it in the 'Round' file (also known as the trash bin  LOL)  The idea came to me while I was actually watching something on television, which is an activity that I don't do all that often, during a commercial break.  How odd is that?
The first version was much more 'delicate'ly done, but I jacked it up.  And this is what the remake came out as.  I like it, but I wish I hadn't F'd up the first one.

Day 26 ~ ATC 365 ~ 26 down, 339 to go :D

Another heart for the theme.  This didn't exactly turn out quite the way I had envisioned that it would.  Meh (shrugs) some things just don't.  I have come to terms with this.  And, as the phenominally unshakeable Scarlett O'Hara would say, tomorrow is another day.  ROFLMBO

Day 25 ~ ATC 365 ~ 25 down, 340 to go :D

Yeah, I get that I have taken a bit of a break.  I am now playing a serious game of 'Catch Up' that may or may not be kicking my ass at this point.
Day 25 was created for a week in which the theme was 'Hearts'.  The concept came from a post/idea about a project that a friend of a friend had posted on their blog about collecting heart cards for a future 'benefit' for Haiti (Which, as anyone not living underneath of a rock would know, has suffered from a MASSIVELY tragic natural disaster.  And, as a poverty ridden country, is struggling to cope.)  I don't have a blog link for the project, but if you check out the Project 365 blog using the link in my sidebar there is info there.

I kinda 'copied' the heart for this one off the side of my brush washing cup.   LOL