Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 25 ~ ATC 365 ~ 25 down, 340 to go :D

Yeah, I get that I have taken a bit of a break.  I am now playing a serious game of 'Catch Up' that may or may not be kicking my ass at this point.
Day 25 was created for a week in which the theme was 'Hearts'.  The concept came from a post/idea about a project that a friend of a friend had posted on their blog about collecting heart cards for a future 'benefit' for Haiti (Which, as anyone not living underneath of a rock would know, has suffered from a MASSIVELY tragic natural disaster.  And, as a poverty ridden country, is struggling to cope.)  I don't have a blog link for the project, but if you check out the Project 365 blog using the link in my sidebar there is info there.

I kinda 'copied' the heart for this one off the side of my brush washing cup.   LOL

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