Sunday, February 7, 2010

Day 32 ~ ATC 365 ~ 32 down, 333 to go :D

Ahhh...what would a week be w/out a card created in my absolute favorite style ever?

Sad, that's what.

Anyway, here's more cussing and more black paint.  2 of my favorite things to create with.  :D
Ahhhhh.....BLISS!   ;)


  1. Love it! These are so great and make a nice change from fluffy kittens! Are you trading these cards?

  2. Wow! Way to wake up! cussing and red paint...happy valentine's day;)

  3. Hi'ya, am enjoying so much seeing your cards and your blog - this one - is awesome. But then so are those cupcakes ones....and the faces are cool.....and...happy you are in the project with me so I can see the rest of the 300 or so that we still have ahead of us. :)

  4. Oh this one I like.

    Glad to see another Plath fan too.