Monday, January 25, 2010

Day 24 ~ ATC 365 ~ 24 down, 341 to go :D

I found this image that I wanted to use of these 2 African villagers carrying a baboon by the legs between the two of them.  They had hunted and killed the animal, and were carrying it back to their 'home' for consumption.  The image was so striking and powerful to me.  Mostly because I found it to be extremely cruel and disgusting.  However, it did also make me reflect on the fact that life does not always operate the way that I think it should.  And, that not everyone on this planet lives the way that I do (in fact, the vast majority of the planet is not nearly as 'blessed' as I am.)
I began to look at these men in a different light as they struggled to carry their bounty back to their village, intending to use it to care for their people in the only way that they had ever known.  I started to change the ideals I held about them and the opinions that I had formed as to their way of life based simply on that picture.  These were men to be respected and honored among their families, because they had done the one thing that was required to exist on this planet ~ they had provided sustinence.  Those few moments I reflected upon that picture changed the way I thought about the things in my life as well.
It is amazing how one picture can change the way that you think about certain things.
Anyway, this has nothing to do with what I used the picture for, but I just thought I would let you all into my world for a few moments so that you could see how the Artistic Process can allow one to grow as a person.  :D

I guess that the words kinda go with how I was feeling at the time as well  LOL


  1. wow, powerful stuff there girlfriend! and grow from it you did! awesome card!

  2. Very insightful ... thanks for sharing with us. :)