Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Day 13 ~ ATC 365 ~ 13 down, 352 to go :D

This has to be a record.  I am officially posting Day 12's card a full 7 hours before Day 12 is over.  (Meh, ((shrugs)), it was done and I was ready to scan.  So....)
Drumroll please......

I drew the pear.  I painted the pear.  I ate the pear.  All is well.  (The pear is not as 'bright' IRL.  It's more mellow and 'pear' colored, but my scanner decided to scan it in as post-nuclear disaster colored pear.  Which could be cool, I guess.)


  1. eating post nuclear pears will make you glow in the dark! cool, huh? ;) awesome pear ya got there, cupcake!

  2. Well it's just PEARfection! :)

    Love that cuppycake too...I was on flickr today and did a search for cupcake images...had me absolutely swooning! So many beautiful and delicious looking baby cakes!

  3. Post Nuclear Pear....something to think about! :) Love your pear looks like the pears that come off my pear trees most years. Last year most of them resembled something from another planet! Good job!

  4. Well, so....even though YOUR pear looks terrific (did you see the color of mine yesterday??)...I see I'm not the only one who owns a scanner who thinks she's a better judge of color than I. The two of us used to argue about color issues non-stop. However, lately, we've agreed to a truce (...and I've made friends with the color-adjust buttons at Still, some days, it's her way or the highway, so I concede.

    I've enjoyed visiting your blog, and have greatly enjoyed seeing your cards on Project 365! Thanks for the kind comments you left for me too!


    ps - I like your "Creative Every Day 2010" button. Share??