Monday, January 18, 2010

Day 17 ~ ATC 365 ~ 17 down, 348 to go :D

My friend, and one to some of you as well, The Mad Catter (from a4a) had the honor of choosing a 'theme' for the artwork this week.  The theme is one that is completely optional, it is just, like, a 'go-to' if you need/want to try your hand at it.  She chose to challenge us with the theme of 'Chili Peppers' after being inspired by the flamin' hot artwork of another Project 365 participant ~ Jo. 
Soooo, in honor of the theme, I spent the past two days creating Chili Pepper themed cards to the best of my ability (and trying out a new technique that will potentially come in handy for a later swap over at a4a :D)

These things are just so CUTE!


  1. Cupcake! This awesome, I love, love, love it!!! :) pssst...what's the new technique...

  2. It's the wet on wet, 'blob-y' technique that Etherial_Sheep is hosting a swap (Intuitive Faces ~ 10 minute exercises) for over at a4a. The concept is based on an article about the technique that was written by Sal Scheibe in the latest edition of Art Trader magazine (, issue 9)
    It was quite fun to attempt, and I am hoping that the portraits turn out just as adorable as these little peppers did.

  3. Love your spicy little peppers! Both of your pepper cards are great!

  4. ohhh, cool! I d/l'd the mag and just haven't gotten around to reading it! I am loving that swap though, such amazing art coming out of it!