Sunday, January 3, 2010

Day 3 ~ ATC 365 ~ 3 down, 362 to go :D

There is a swap going on over at a4a that involves work inspired by the ABSOLUTELY amazing artist Teesha Moore. I was not quick enough on the draw to manage to snatch a spot for myself however (it filled up in, like, minutes I tell you. Minutes.) I am Numero Uno on the waiting list though. (Yes, your's truely has been 'Wait Listed' ROFL)
Sooooo, while I attempted not to throw things in a display of anger due to my horrid luck (you know, the luck that states that I am ALWAYS a few minutes late and a few cents short) I decided to sit down and create today's card in what I interpret to be the style of Teesha Moore. (And, yes, I do know that it really looks nothing like her work. Cut me some freakin' slack ~ I know that I'm so not 'zetti' enough to hang with the likes of Teesha Moore. :D)

It was kinda nice to break away from the 'Norm' of what I always create though. Perhaps I shall do it more often :D Although, next time, I will endeavor to make it look a little bit better than the first go 'round. ROFL

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  1. this is so talented, i have never tried this, something to learn when i day...sigh.