Sunday, December 12, 2010

Busy days are here again.

It seems as though my days are filling up rather nicely lately. I have Christmas gifts that I am working on, and 'Stuff' that HAS to be done.
Yesterday, I decided that I wanted to bake some tasty chocolate cupcakes from scratch (NO box mixes for me!!) So I hauled my ass to the store in the FREEZING cold wind to pick up the few things that I needed, and whipped up a batch of GINORMOUS cupcakes. Seriously, these damn things could EASILY feed 2 people a piece. I like homemade cake (much less sweet than a box mix) and I love to make homemade ganache (semisweet chocolate/peppermint ganache to be exact.) They are soooooooo tasty!
I have 2 skirts to make before Wednesday night's Christmas program - one for each girl. Along with 5 pairs of pajamas for Christmas gifts. AND......various charms and pieces of artwork that I intend for gifts as well. Candies and cookies and presents.....OH MY!!

Busy, busy, busy!

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