Friday, December 3, 2010

Today was a VERY GOOD day!

The youngest girl child and I decided this morning that we were going to go out to lunch together (Something we used to do quite often, but for the past several months we just haven't been.)  I let her choose, and she picked her absolute favorite restaurant ever ~ Fuji's Japanese Steakhouse
She LOVES it there (and I do too.)  They have tasty, tasty food, and even tastier sushi.  :D 

We decided that, to add to our 'Girlie Day', we would do a little holiday shopping 'cuz there are some things that I need in order to get started making some of the gifts I have planned for Christmas this year.  We stopped off at one of MY favorite yarn stores so that I could browse their selection of vintage buttons ~  I can't buy yarn there 'cuz they mostly stock wool/wool blends, and I am allergic to anything that began it's life close to/as part of a sheep.  (I am kind of interested in some of the spin it yourself fibers that they have ~ particularly the camel hair ~ but, alas, I cannot spin my own yarn.)  I managed to find some pretty sweet buttons to make charms for the girls' ever growing charm bracelets for Christmas (and a couple for myself as well. :D)

After that we decided to hit one of the used bookstores in the area to see what we gems we could discover there.  The littlest one found a book of children's poetry and short stories from 1966 that she fell in love with, most likely for the large rooster that dominates the front cover.  She enjoyed it so much, and it was only a dollar, so we brought it home to stay.  :D

Then we took a trip to our favorite thrift store in search of more good deals that we could bring home and turn into GREAT stuff.  Sadly, the only things that I found that I fell in love with were a child's board book (to make an altered book out of  :D) and a salad service set that included 1 large serving bowl and 8 smaller bowls. (It was AWESOME!  All of the bowls were shaped to look like they were made out of lettuce leaves, and it was VERY vintage and AMAZING!  Sadly, it was all priced individually.  So, between the large bowl and all the individual bowls, it was WAY too expensive for me to want to buy it at a thrift store ~ $25 bucks for all the pieces.  I have limits.  LOL)  I may go back in a few days to see if they lower the price on the pieces.  If they do, I am snatching them up so fast their heads will spin. (Get it?  Lettuce?  Heads?  I'm a dork.  I know.)  Then I will post pics so that the rest of the World can drool over my find.

After a trip to our favorite Starbucks, we headed for home.  We seriously enjoyed our outing.  It was something that we hadn't done in a very long time.  It was really nice to spend the day together ~ just the 2 of us.

All in all.  Today was a VERY GOOD day!

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