Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Do you......?

Do you just sit and stare off into Space, thinking about nothing?
Do you stay up all night reading a book 'cuz you can't wait to see what happens next?
Do you look at yourself in the mirror and wonder where the time has gone ('cuz yesterday you just KNOW that you weren't that 'older' person staring back at you)?
Do you think to yourself 'If I do this, will it work'?
Do you buy expensive clothes that you can't *really* afford, but when you wear them, walk around pretending like you can?
Do you wear red shoes 'cuz they make you smile?
Do you sit and watch people as they go about their daily business, assigning life stories to their outer appearances as they pass you by?
Do you dance around your bedroom when no one is watching 'cuz it makes you feel good?
Do you eat things you don't like, read things you have no interest in, go places you have no wish to go, solely because you love another human being so much that the sacrifice of doing so is not too great of one to make if it makes them happy?
Do you play the 'What If' game?
Do you categorize your life?
Do you aspire to greatness?
Do you regret your past?
Do you fear your future?
Do you dream?
Do you love?

If you stand on the edge of a precipice and never have the nerve to jump, would you say that you are failing yourself more because of all the experiences that you miss out on? Or, are you failing the wings that will catch you when you have faith in yourself more because you never allow them to do their job?
Have faith, jump.

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