Monday, March 28, 2011

Wait for It....

In the Grand Scheme of Things, I have come to the harsh realization that I am just not a 'Wait for It' kinda girl. I like to accomplish the things that I want to accomplish 'Right Freakin' Now', and there are no other options as far as I'm concerned.
However, neither one of my girl children have been blessed with this philosophy. In fact, quite the opposite has occurred in their genetic make up. They operate on the 'Wait and See What Happens' principle. (This is often followed up with the 'I Forgot' excuse when shit just doesn't get done.)
Somehow, in a house where ass-loads of shit has to be accomplished in a very specific time frame, I am the only one that manages to get anything completed (and even then it's a stretch 'cuz I have to compensate for everything that they DON'T do.)
Hmmmm......what to do? What to do?


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  2. ;) Thanks so much for the comments!