Thursday, August 6, 2009

So much for my weekend project plans

The Man Child I refer to as my husband is coming home this weekend, so I had to start the beading festivities early. I likely will still not have photos until Monday, but at least they will be finished before he gets here.
We are supposed to go out to dinner for our anniversary (08/11) but I have no idea if we will for certain or not. Time kinda gets away from us when he comes home, and so half the things that we intend to accomplish never get done. Such is life. I am not certain that I want to go to dinner anyway. The idea of eating out kinda grosses me out. You never know how many people have touched your stuff ~ food, plate, glass, etc. It really is kinda nasty if you think about it.
Whatever. We either will or we won't. Either way, we have a sitter lined up for the one girl child that will still be here and the other one will be gone for the weekend. So we are good.
Oh My Hell! I am ramblin'! No more boring-ness. I promise :D

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