Thursday, November 5, 2009


If you say that with a slightly deep, echo-y voice and add the sound "Ahhhhhhhh" like they do in the movies, it makes it all much better :D

A few months ago, I posted about cleaning out my studio (Well, at that time it was just a dining room with not a whole lot of potential. However, I did have hope :D ) Then I *swore* that I would post pics and illustrate the process for you. But I never quite managed to have enough hours in a day to get it done (yes, it does take me a long time to figure out how to do all this stuff. I am NOT technologically inclined.)
Well, guess what Peeps!!?!??! I FINALLY have some time on my hands and will be glad to introduce you to my studio as it was a couple of months ago :D (I'm trying something a little different here with the whole photo thing, so hopefully it works. If not, I will have to go back to the ol' drawing board.)

A little background for ya here, we moved into a duplex about 3 yrs ago that had what the landlord calls a 'dining room'. Originally, we had intended to use it as a third bedroom, but found that the fact that there was no closet in it made it a bit inconvenient for whom ever was stuck in it (oh yeah, that and the room itself has no door. Not that we ever close the doors, but it is nice for a bedroom to have a door.) So we just used it to store junk er, stuff in. I also used it as a sewing room (I like to make clothes and collect fabric. I needed a place to do that. Voila, dining room = perfect.)
After 3 yrs or so of storing stuff (and by 'storing stuff' I mean taking anything that didn't have a place to be or junk that we didn't need/want/use any more and shoving it into the room to be dealt with at a later time) things had gotten a bit, shall we say, out of hand. And it looked something like this...
(Note that the mess LITERALLY comes clear to the doorway, so in order to get into the room, you have to step over stuff and hope that you have L~O~N~G enough legs to find the floor on the other side. I didn't take any pics of this phenominon or of the mounds of fabric on the floor in front of my 'Wall O' Fabric')
This is the Wall O' Fabric...
If you look closely in the dim light you can kinda see the floor in the background. It was covered with crap stuff just like the rest of the room was.
I decided that I was going to clean it out and turn it into the studio I had always intended it to be no matter what it took (If I had known what I was in for when I started, I *might* rather have just shacked myself up on the couch and watched TV for the next 3 days LOL)

I figured that I would need serious encouragement for this one, so I enlisted the help of my friends at A4A for some hand holding moral support and reassurance that this would all be worth it in the end. (LOVE it there!! They are FANTASTIC people. You should check it out, if you haven't already. :D ) And then I braved the abyss...

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