Monday, November 30, 2009

Party Over At My 'House'!!!

A 'Blog GiveAway Party', that is!!! :D

Last week I put the question out there 'cuz I was considering hosting a giveaway here on my blog. I had decided that when my Twitter account hit 100 followers (yeah, I know, 100 big freakin' deal 'cuz everyone else has, like, 10 BILLION ~ Well, Ashton Kutcher does at least LOL But for me, 100 was a big deal) I wanted to celebrate by giving someone the chance to celebrate along with me. And I hit it last Wednesday (A few have since dropped like flys, but we won't count that!)
Soooooo...It is now time for the First Ever Pink Cupcake Arts Blog Giveaway Extravaganza!!!! :D
Since I consider a lot of the people that follow me on Twitter to by my friends, and because I like to share the things that I like with my friends, I decided that this would be the perfect chance to share some of my favorite things. And that is exactly what I am giving away, a container/bag that I have STUFFED to the brim with some of my favorite arts-y, crafts-y, super fun goodies!
Anyone wanna see a pile of all the Fabulous stuff? Nod once for yes!
I gathered all this fun stuff from the TONS of supplies that currently take up residence in my studio. There is stuff in there for art-ing, for crafting, for sewing, for jewelry making, for....well, for just about anything you can think of and more! (I like to think that I suffer from 'Crafter's ADD' :D I like to do A LOT of stuff, but never do anything exclusively for very long LOL)
A short list of some of the stuff included in the Big Bad Pile O'Wonder is...
Calligraphy marker, Sakura Gelly Roller, sketch pencils, yards of fibers, wooden beads, paper flowers, star confetti, Prismacolor blender pencil, FQ of fabric, samples of some of my favorite glitters, embossing powders, and acrylic mediums, Twinkling H2O watercolor paints, water soluable oil pastels, grungeboard, cross-stitch kits, metal findings, assorted beads, library cards, ribbon, ric-rac, and sooooooooooooo very much more. :D

Then I attempted to stuff it all into this bag...
The bag is about 6 inches wide by about 12 inches long, and I'd say about 2/2.5 inches deep. It zips all the way around with a dual zipper and has a nifty little handle that you can carry it around with.

Big Surprise...It all fit (but just barely LOL :D)
(I AM a Master Packer :nods once for yes:)

I am guessing that by now you are wondering what exactly it is that you need to do to get in on the Giveaway part of all of this, right? Well, it is VERY simple.
The chance to sign up for this GiveAway will run from December 1 thru December 10. On December 11, I will assign everyone's entries a number, and plug them into a random number generator to decide the Big Winner!!!
The person chosen will be notified by email that they have won, so be certain to leave your contact info when you comment.
Every person that comments to this post will receive 1 entry in the GiveAway. In order to qualify for any of the Bonus Entries, you have to leave a comment here first. (Please feel free to let me know what additional things you have done to get the word out there so that I can be certain to add the entries in to your total. :D)
Every new person that signs up to Follow my blog will receive 1 additional entry.
Every new person that signs up to Follow me Here on Twitter will receive 1 additional entry in the GiveAway.
Every person that Tweets about this GiveAway will receive 1 additional entry.
And, as an added bonus :D, if the amount of individual entrants reaches 20 I will include the extra special prize of a handcrafted 'Carry-All' bag made especially for the winner by ME :D HURRAY!! sure to tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, people on the street, the grocery checker, well, anyone that you know that likes free stuff :D Get the word out there, and JOIN THE PARTY!!!


  1. OOOOHhhhh! I know Lil Love and I would have some fun with these goodies. She loves making necklaces. I Retwittered,Followed ya and Now I'm leaving this comment. lol I Now I'm off to Blog about it!
    Don't know what else I can do for ya, but holla if ya have any ideas. :) Thansk for being sweet and sharing ya goodies! Hugs~Poe

  2. Oooh that looks like a lovely bag of magical goodies!!!! I'm just about to re-tweet you!!!

  3. That looks absolutely gorgeous!
    I'm now following you on Twitter (I'm EvelineTimeless there), am following your blog and have Re-Tweeted your message.
    Best of luck with this giveaway!

  4. Gratulerer (Norwegian) = congratulation! that's grate!


  5. Looks like some good stuff! I bet you get more than 20 people who want to be in!

  6. Awesome give away, you ROCK!! I would follow you on Twitter if I didn't have dial up..... This is cdraz at ATCsforall.

  7. Please do not include me in the giveaway but I wanted to say congrats!!!

  8. Ok, I´m following you on Twitter, and I´m leaving a comment, but I don´t know how to re-tweet (I don´t actually tweet...), so that means two tickets for me. What a great giveaway, congrats, and I sure hope I win!

  9. I follow you on Twitter, I've left a comment & I'll re-tweet your message. So, I guess that's 2 chances. What fun & have a great holiday. Thanks for sharing! Twitter profile name: Skylark123

  10. What a great giveaway- and a wonderful blog too- I love the pink colour it matches the sweater I am wearing :D

  11. Last minute, but please sign me up for the goodies!

  12. :-D THis looks awesome! I followed you on Twitter, followed the blog, and tweeted about the giveaway. Please sign me up! My twitter: