Thursday, November 5, 2009


(That last one was kinda long and I thought it might be better to break it up into a couple posts, covering each of the 3 days separately :D)

Day 1 -- What a NIGHTMARE!!!
It started out okay, I guess. I originally had thought that if I moved everything out of the back corner of the room and then cleaned my way towards the door it would make much more sense. However, what I didn't factor in was the sheer amount of crap I was going to be throwing away, the fact that I still needed to be able to get out the door to throw said crap away, or the fact that there were things in that room that I couldn't throw away if I wanted to (Namely all the junk that the Man Child that I call my husband just stuffed into there after he lost his job the last time ~ He drives a truck, so when he cleaned out his truck he just brought all the crap home and shoved it in the room. When he started driving again, he didn't take it all back out with him. His reasoning -- this new truck is smaller than his old one was. BOO-freakin'-HOO!)
At the end of the first day, the room actually looked WORSE than it did before I began. I seriously began questioning if I had made the right choice in cleaning it out, or if I should have just left well enough alone.
Again, the FABULOUSNESS that is A4A was there to talk me down from the ledge. ;)
The corner I started in was messier than when I started, the fabric pile on the floor in front of the Wall O' Fabric was higher than when I started, and the pathway to the door was non-existent at this point.
At this point, I just shrugged my shoulders, turned out the light, and went to bed.

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