Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Day 3 ~ Cupcakes Reign Supreme!!

Honestly, Day 3 was a little tricky for me. Once again I found myself browsing ETSY for another perfect cupcake giftie for myself ('Why Etsy'? You may be wondering. Well, **shrugs** it is because, in theory, I agree with their 'Support the Little Guy, buy homemade' practices. I realize that they don't always adhere to the principles that they started out with when they created the site, but when money is changing hands it is difficult for any business to stick to their original ideals ~ look at what mass money earning has done for eBay. YUCK! I'm sure that when Etsy becomes too 'corrupt' I will move on from there, just like I moved on from eBay when they started to suck. Anyway, soapbox issue over. LOL)
Today, I am feeling a little under the weather due to a horrible cold that was given to me by my youngest daughter (Thanks Baby!! Nothing says 'Merry Christmas' like a head cold in December!) And so, I thought 'Wouldn't it be nice if I had some comfy, cozy, snuggly, and warm Cupcake gear of some kind that I could wrap myself in while I ride out this 'coughing, aching, sneezing, stuffy head, no fever, but it sucks' illness?'
Yes, yes it would be nice :D
Etsy never lets me down. In the Grand Scheme of things, there are more Cupcake scarfs listed on there than one can throw a stick at. However, the majority of them are shaped like, you guessed it, cupcakes. And, while I ADORE most everything 'Cupcake', I would like to look like a Grown Up while I enjoy flaunting that adoration (and not an over-grown 10 year old with the cupcake shaped scarf my Grandma made me for my last birthday. You know, the one where I actually turned 32.)
I found the PERFECT Cupcake scarf for me in this lovely little store with a kick-ass name.

The best part is that if I don't like the blue that is featured in the photo, I can ask for either black or dark gray. The seller also has both matching gloves (which you can see pictured in the listing for the scarf) and a matching hat available in her store.
So, even if I didn't have a cold and want the scarf for it's Neck Warming Super Powers, someone that loves me could just gift me all three pieces and I would have the PERFECT cold weather ensemble. :D
So, that's day 3 of the 'Perfect Presents for ME' Days of Christmas! Tune in next time as we visit the wonders of something NEW and Wonderful.

No, this is not my store.
No, I do not know the person that owns this store.
No, I did not make the scarf, hat, or gloves featured in this store.
No, I do not vouche for their business practices or ethics.
No, I am not receiving any 'benefits' from blogging about this (although that sure would be nice :D)
No, I have no idea if the stuff you purchase will arrive by Christmas.
Look, I am just posting a blog about a gift I would like to receive if I had the option of doing so. Take it as what it is. If you buy something from this person and the deal goes South, it is...
A) Not my problem. And B) Not my problem. Any transaction that happens online comes with a certain amount of risk. It is not my job to inform you of those risks. It's your money and your choice. So, if something goes wrong, consider yourself on your own when you deal with it. ;)
Be aware. Be informed. Be reasonable. But most of all, Be Happy!!

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