Sunday, December 27, 2009

So yeah, I get it. I bombed out on the last few Days of Christmas.

Things just got so busy. And I spent 3 days in my kitchen. And oh freakin' well, life happens. If people don't know what to get my by now, then they never will. ROFL
Moving on...

Welcome to Pink Cupcake Arts, ladies and gentlemen. If you look to your right you will see a brand spankin' new badge for the year 2010. This officially declares that, I, Cheri, am a First Class ticket holder on the Magic Carpet express. What's this? You ask. Well, click on it and find out :D

I will also be participating in the 2010 Creative Every Day Challenge (you can read more about that HERE)

AND, I am joining in with a group of fellow artists from A4A and we are starting Julie Cameron's 'The Artist's Way' beginning the first of the year.

Why so many new and creative things? You may ask. Well, it is quite simple really, I would like to grow as an artist and dive right into my creativity pool head first.
Will it change the fact that I draw like a toddler? Not likely.
Will it make me appreciate that fact more? Most definitely. :D

Stick around, 'cuz I plan on going places in 2010. And I think that you'll like going with me. :D

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