Monday, December 14, 2009

Day Number 2 ~ Merry Christmas to ME!!

Day 2 of our journey (you know, the one where I figuratively give myself presents for the 12 13 days of Christmas) begins with a visit to one of my FAVORITE artists of all time, Emily Martin. She has a shop on ETSY and she also sells her things in a variety of other online marketplaces (You can check out her blog (Inside A Black Apple) for more info on additional sites to buy her products from.)
I stumbled across Ms. Martin's shop a couple of years ago while searching for, you guessed it, 'cupcakes' on Etsy. At the time she was selling this amazing print of a girl selling cupcakes with her little hedgehog helper. I purchased a set of notecards featuring the duo of cupcake pedalling lovelies and fell in love with her work, all in the same day. (I have since purchased several more sets of her amazing notecards and even a print or 2.)

Anyway, I think that a print from her store The Black Apple would be just about the perfect gift I could find for myself (particularly if it were THIS PRINT. LOVE her!) I think that she is just about perfect. ('Why a Print and not an Original?', you may ask. Well, it's quite simple. An original painting costs about 16 times more and is not as readily available as a print, and her original paintings are gone in about 1.4 seconds after she posts them.)

Thus concludes day 2 of the 'Perfect Presents for ME' Days of Christmas! Tomorrow will be just as good as today's, if not better, so stay right where you are or you might miss something GREAT! :D

No, this is not my store.
No, I do not personally know the person that owns this store.
No, I did not make any of the artwork featured in this store.
No, I do not vouche for their business practices or ethics, although I have shopped here several times and have never been disappointed.
No, I am not receiving any 'benefits' from blogging about this (although that sure would be nice :D)
No, I have no idea if the stuff you purchase will arrive by Christmas.
Look, I am just posting a blog about a gift I would like to receive if I had the option of doing so. Take it as what it is. If you buy something from this person and the deal goes South, it is...
A) Not my problem. And B) Not my problem. Any transaction that happens online comes with a certain amount of risk. It is not my job to inform you of those risks. It's your money and your choice. So, if something goes wrong, consider yourself on your own when you deal with it. ;)
Be aware. Be informed. Be reasonable. But most of all, Be Happy!!

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