Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Day 4 ~ Something Yummy for the Tummy :D

Okay, so Day 4 starts out with me in the mood for an actual edible cupcake, but not wanting to bake. (Trust me, anyone that knows me will understand how rare this situation is as I am always in the mood to bake and really don't like eating cupcakes all that much. But once in a while.....) This situation brings us to Perfect Present #4 :D
Cupcakes in a Jar delivered directly to your home!!!
Now, understand this, there are TONS of Cupcake sellers out there that are cramming whatever they try to pass off as a shelf stable baked good into a jar they can find and popping it into the mail. But they can in no way compare to the King (or Queen in this case) of all Cupcakes in a Jar from Bangerang Bake Shop. Seriously, these are the best, most melt in your mouth, tastiest little bits of heaven crammed into a wide mouth, glass jar you will EVER find.
I found Bangerang Bake Shop back in the day when they were still called 'Fat Daddy Cupcakes' on, you guessed it, ETSY (in fact, my family still referres to them as 'Fat Daddy Cupcakes'.) Since that point the lovely lady that came up with the steller idea to put her gourmet cupcakes into little jars has expanded her business, set up a website, and has made a HUGE name for herself as one of the leaders in the Cupcake in a Jar business (You can see on the front page of the site, her products have been featured in several different National publications and on television as well.)

The Berry Berry Dark flavor happens to be my favorite. (And yes, it is just as moist and delectable as the picture would lead you to believe that it is.

Words simply cannot describe how deliciously tasty I find these things. I have tried several different kinds and have yet to find one that doesn't ooze with rich, moist perfection the moment you open the jar. Sometimes, I even share with the girls. (That is if I don't horde them and eat them all by myself in the middle of the night. ROFL) I don't think that there is a flavor I have tried yet that I *haven't* liked (even the Chocolate Envy cupcake was tastylicious, and I am not a fan of caramel. :D) The site even offers a Recycling Program for the empty jars, so that they don't end up in a landfill somewhere clogging up our environment.
All in all, I would say that this gift presents a Win/Win situation for all involved. I get the most amazing dessert on the planet. The giver gets the satisfaction of knowing that I am extremely happy with it. And my carbon footprint remains the size it was before I started (if not a teensy bit smaller.)
Be sure and come back tomorrow to see what WONDERFUL present I pick out as the 'Perfect Present for ME' Days of Christmas marches on to Day 5!

No, this is not my store.
No, I do not know the person that owns this store.
No, I did not make the Cupcakes in a Jar featured in this store (although that would be FABULOUS if I could bake like her. I'd never leave the house! I probably wouldn't be able to fit through the door ROFL)
No, I do not vouche for their business practices or ethics.
No, I am not receiving any 'benefits' from blogging about this (although that sure would be nice :D)
No, I have no idea if the stuff you purchase will arrive by Christmas.
Look, I am just posting a blog about a gift I would like to receive if I had the option of doing so. Take it as what it is. If you buy something from this person and the deal goes South, it is...
A) Not my problem. And B) Not my problem. Any transaction that happens online comes with a certain amount of risk. It is not my job to inform you of those risks. It's your money and your choice. So, if something goes wrong, consider yourself on your own when you deal with it. ;)
Be aware. Be informed. Be reasonable. But most of all, Be Happy!!

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