Sunday, December 13, 2009

On the First Day of Christmas....

(Okay, so maybe it is the First Day of Christmas + 1 But, it's close enough if you ask me :D)
My 'true love' gave to me....

Well, not really. But if my 'True Love' (or anyone else for that matter) *were* planning to give me something, they could do no better than to head straight to ETSY and plug the words 'Punk', 'Pink', and 'Cupcake' into the search box to find the PERFECT gift for me. :D
For the next 12 days (leading up to Christmas Eve of course :D ) I plan to feature one product listed on Etsy that strikes my fancy as being just about the Perfect gift for a girl like me. (Hell, I may even buy a few of those 'perfect' gifts for myself while I'm at it :D)
So to kick off the drool worthy gift browsing, I found THIS lovely little thing.

Now, I think that it would be just about the most PERFECT gift EVER for someone like me who loves Cupcakes, punky things, and the color pink. (The seller's entire store is just cram packed full of super fun, punky stuff that you might want to check out too. It's freakin' fantastic :D)

So, that's Day 1 of the 'Perfect Presents for ME' Days of Christmas! Tomorrow it will be something entirely NEW and possibly different ;) So stick around, ya never know what might happen.
(Oh yeah, go check out CakeWrecks for some FABULOUS ways to share your good fortune this holiday season! Jen and John have come up with a great idea, but they need all of us to make it work! :D)

No, this is not my store.
No, I do not know the person that owns this store.
No, I did not make this necklace.
No, I do not vouche for their business practices or ethics.
No, I am not receiving any 'benefits' from blogging about this (although that sure would be nice :D)
No, I have no idea if the necklace will arrive by Christmas.
Look, I am just posting a blog about a gift I would like to receive if I had the option of doing so. Take it as what it is. If you buy something from this person and the deal goes South, it is...
A) Not my problem. And B) Not my problem. Any transaction that happens online comes with a certain amount of risk. It is not my job to inform you of those risks. It's your money and your choice. So, if something goes wrong, consider yourself on your own when you deal with it. ;)
Be aware. Be informed. Be reasonable. But most of all, Be Happy!!

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